Curiosities (part 3)

Now that we are almost intimates when it comes to curiosities, let’s go straight to the point:
– when giving you the change or receipt, the waiter (waitress) will do it with both hands, showing respect for you, dear customer;
very friend girls walk holding hands of each other, and very friend boys exchange confidences closely by their ears;
– nowadays marriages here in China have a very, let’s say, cute trend: everything that involves the marriage has a Teddy Bear on it. I explain: on the flower arrangements, there will be a wedding teddy, as well as his very “ground squirrel” friends, that will surely be all over the party. It won’t be hard to even find them on the hairdos or on the modern bouffant dresses (in general, red) of some chinese bride (or maybe in one of the lively guests);

– as I mentioned already in a post, the chinese are not so in the well education mood, so don’t admire if, in a restaurant, some of them have the idea of savor out loud his very delicious soup flavor strange things. And be awarded as well that, if you leave some food in the plate, the host will think that he wasn’t able to satisfy you properly, so he’ll order more and more food, until you leave some inside the plate!
– if you too agree that a line is an ode to the movement of educational and spiritual evolution of mankind, I give you an advice: do not come to China! Here this concept is inexistent, or either the civility and respect to the rights of your next that they represent. Not even at the airports, to access the boarding gates, they are not necessary- you just enter in, and refuge yourself! The movement is like this: they come on and on, approaching nonchalantly , and suddenly, in one single and sharp step, are in front of you. There is always a pile of people, and persons with special needs generally have this ones unmet, because there isn’t a distinction. When in the subway, the good sense says us that is necessary to await for the ones that are inside to come outside, right? Not in here, mate! Even in a simple walk to the bakery, the McGyver guy who was far behind you in some way ended in the very front of the cashier lady, that naturally got him first. And that’s the way humanity goes, the chinese one, of course.
Au revoir, and see you next time!


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