The chinese infra-structure

Wherever you go here there will be lots of constructions taking place, I mean, lots, of all kinds: bridges being built, huge buildings, roads being opened, subways being spread…and all that with the most impressive speed and efficiency, what’s hard to believe, because in a country with more than 1 billion and 300 million people, the logistics is expected to be really difficult.
As soon as we got here, I was absolutely astonished with a construction of a shopping mall taking place right in front of the flat we were, that went through night, weekends, 24 hours, never stop! This shows how persevering an hard workers the chinese are, very “mission given, mission accomplished”.

And all this efficiency involves numbers always superlatives, showing the world the new position China possess on the quality ranking: of a very demanding country, that has all the money to pay for its demands.
The two largest bridges of the world are here: one, that links the cities of Qingdao and Huangdao, has 42,5 km and took only 4 years to get ready, counting on a work force of more than 10 thousand men! And despite all the speed, the quality leaves nothing to be desired, because this bridge can take earthquakes up to 8 points on Richter scale. The other bridge, that will link Hong Kong island to other points of the country, is being constructed since 2009, and will have more than 50 km length!
Mais de 42 km sobre as águas! (

Mais de 42 km sobre as águas! (

The magnitude of the nowadays constructions in China reaches impressive numbers, and frequently appears in “most this and most that” lists, emphasizing the quality and the speed with what they are made.
Glass buildings, with apparent steel, panoramic elevator that defy gravity, forms that call the attention for the design, besides the solidity and reliability of the constructions.

The efficiency is so enormous, that they could build a building of 30 floors in just 15 days, capable of taking an earthquake of 9 points. Of course that this constructions used prefabricated items to join all this speed. But where I wanna be is right at this point: when you have money to pay, everything is fast, gets out quickly off paper, there is no hindrance, there are no limitations! The bureaucracy blablabla is lightened by lots and lots of money, benefiting a system where everybody gets to win. And money is really not an issue here, China is in wide expansion, and more and more the chinese are looking for investment opportunities, counting on a fast and certain liquidity.
The chinese infra-structure scenery is on a platform that many countries couldn’t reach yet, and are not even close from reaching. Everything works, trains and subway departs on time, and have brand new fleet. The users are awarded with a range of services of irreproachable quality. China has the biggest net of high speed trains in the world, linking thousands of cites in record time.

Wuhan railway station (

Wuhan railway station (

Any airport in any city, for the tiniest it is, will count on a prime and complete infra-structure, capable of receiving far more flights than most of the biggest brazilian cities (that makes me regret the developmental delay of my country when it comes to this). And not even mentioning the fleet, that is almost all brand new.
China and its governors are only responding to what has been happening to the country in the last few years: China has been “secretly dominating the world”, and its citizens, every day with more money, are more and more raising the demand for options that meets their needs, that now their money can buy. People who formerly took a bus, now can afford to pay a first class ticket of a high speed train. Airplane tickets, backing the world tendency, are everyday more accessible, enabling entire families to travel further. But all that has a price: infra-structure, that has to have all the efficiency and turnover in order a country this big won’t stop, won’t collapse. And with the money China has been investing, would be even a heresy to imagine that inside of China wouldn’t be like this, offering only the best to its deserving citizens, that played an essential role on this vertiginous growth of which China is playing the lead!


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