China and the falsifications

China being an authority when it comes to falsifications leaves no doubt for anyone. I think indeed that, if it could exist an absolute and unquestionable world true, that would be this one.
At the july edition of Galileu magazine, there is a featuring about how the chinese are trying to “steadfastly reproduce” famous monuments in their cities, gathering in the same one the Capitol and the White House, parisian style bridges, australian monuments…not even the legendary London Eye has escaped.

London Eye in colors?

London Eye in colors?

Shanghai‘s court of law is a perfect match between the Capitol and the White House. In Hangzhou, there is a chinese version of Venice, with all the canals (artificials, of course) and gondolas offering romantic tourings, including the views of Ducal Palace and St. Marcus Basilic’s replicas (they love this word). In the same city, you can appreciate another wonderful european monument: Eiffel Tower! Thames Town is an English-style city, with its own chinese “british guards”. The Amsterdam central station, in Shenyang (where else?), costed to the tycoon Yang Bin more than US$ 300 million, but in 2009 it was demolished.
Paris? Prague? No! Tianjin!

Paris? Prague? No! Tianjin!

Do you need a medical prescription? Yes, they can make it. A wedding certificate to obtain discounts in “honeymoon” getaways to Maldives? Yes, we have it. Or do you want a swiss watch without having to pay its real value, but want it with the already known precision devices of the famous swiss watch building system? We have it too! We all agree that, in order to your made in China swiss watch cost such a bargain, the quality will have to be ignored: your carbon box will be mixed with plastic, and metal devices will not be soooo metal.

Car pieces, airbags, electrical components and including the whole car are copied and sold at the black market, and leave quality, and even security behind on behalf of low prices. The most used platforms to flow off all this products are the ones with high attrition rate (e-Bay, for example) and informality, case of the street markets.

Entire shops are copy of the originals, which offer without previous agreement your market name to prowlers chasing easy and certain gain. An “Apple Stoer” (no, u didn’t misread) was opened in Kunming, offering iPhones, iPads, and all more i’s you may want to buy. The layout, employees uniform, front of the store, everything is a copy of the original. The same happened with 11Furniture, that wanted a piece of the millionaire big cake of the swedish giant Ikea, copying absolutely everything, from the stores format, uniforms, to the color scheme of the true one!

Not even art museums have escaped from the wave, they falsified more than 40.000 pieces said to be from the last imperial dynasty. Then I ask myself: why would someone would want to do this? What is the purpose of all this? Answer: PROFIT. This old and sneaky fellow, that is tangent to all the actions, habits and ideas of most of the chinese. Everywhere, there will be it, the burning desire of profit, bigger and sharper each day. The museum above is at the province of Hebei, and was closed.
L'Occitane for sale at Carrefour? Something must be wrong...

L’Occitane for sale at Carrefour? Something must be wrong…

The falsifications can go really far, even more than we can possibly imagine: to falsify food. Have you ever imagined yourself eating a fake egg? It exists, and is commonly found in the south of China. It’s made of resin, jelly, wax, cast, aluminum oxide and a lot more of substances that are really bad for our health, and has its “recipe” shared in DVD’s not-so-hard to find. The workforce in China is so absurdly cheap that human being is wanting to replace even chickens…Another kinds of food are known to be falsified here: plastic rice (mixed with the regular one to add volume to the package), cooking oil, milk, baby formulas, and a lot more that appear each day.

The lack of responsibility of the falsifiers reach until the remedies, even those ones for cancer, hypertension , diabetes, replacing for placebo the hope those people deposit on this medicaments.
The corporations invest billions trying to avoid their products to be falsified, but generally unsuccessfully. There are those who prefer to join the enemy, selling your products and technology to the chinese beforehand, ’cause they’ll end up being copied anyway (and for free).
Rough falsifications (

Rough falsifications

When China started to implement the high speed trains, hired a german company of railway technology, asking them to build just a tiny stretch between two cities, saying that this would serve as a pre-contract for the rest of the service, that could be expanded all over China. Result: when the germans ended it, the chinese came and thank them, saying that they had already their railway technology. How sage is that?
This chinese sagacity is something so impressive and in some cases, unbelievable, like the companies that hire a person “without chinese characters, that wear a suit and speak good english” to represent it, assuming a western figure. The actor will be taken to dinners, reunions, and will pretend to be the western and international part of this company. For every fake mission, he’ll receive until US$1.000,00. There is even a company that is specialized in this freelance actor’s hiring- Rent a Laowai.

There are huge corporations behind these falsification mafia, many of them linked to the Communist Party itself. The impunity has a free pass, and permeate most of the transactions; the ones who are really punished and locked in jail are the weakest ones, where the rope crush faster. The great magnates who have the biggest part, are still there, unshakeable, reinvesting their billions on China’s prosperity future.
Really, shameless of human being appears to be off limits, because “nothing replaces the profits“, apparently not even dignity and self respect…
As Captain Rolim (brazilian owner of an airline company) said, in another famous statement: “whoever has no creativity to create, must have the courage to copy”, and I think that courage to copy will never end for chinese people!!! Or how do you think China has grown this fast?


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