Forced hair cut inside the bus



Not even a bus trip is normal here in China! The website published something really weird, AND funny: a little lady from the city of Wuhan was coming back from work and seated on the window seat of the bus she used to take everyday. So far, everything’s normal.
A very naughty boy seated right behind her, and in some boredom crisis simply chopped her beautiful hair off the pony tail!!!!
The little lady looked at the weirdo and shouted everything she could imagine for the moment, and the naughty one responded with a lot of laughter.
The now short hair lady went to the driver to ask for help, and he closed all the doors and called the police, who arrived in 20 minutes.
How to cut somebody’s hair is not considered a crime, he just listened to the cops mentioning “no more cutting nobody’s hair while being bored”.
But she was still very furious and didn’t accepted, they agreed then that the guy would have to pay her 200 RMB to compensate the damage…


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