China and the abortion

This topic is for its own very controversial and complex, and involves a lot of differing things. I decided to write about because I’m very curious when it comes to this cruel and recurrent practice here in China. Let’s go to data:
– in average, 35 thousand abortions are made daily, 1.150 per hour, 25 per second– most of them in a gripping way;
– the number of the abortions is already bigger than the birth ones, according to non-official reports and non-registered clinics data;
– 46% of the women in Taiwan have already made an abortion (data from 1992, that is to say, very outdated);
– obeying the “One-child policy“, 530 million of abortions have been done since its implantation, in 1971, according to the Chinese Health Department, mentioned on the Financial Times;
– nowadays more than 13 million of abortions are made each year in the country, what is considered only “worrying” by the newspaper Daily China;
– 62% of the women who abort are single and between 20-29 years, according to government data;
– more than 10 million pills that induct the abortion are sold annually, while contraceptive pills are directed mainly to young couples;
– the average price for an abortion is 600 RMB (US$ 100,00);

With data like this, I ask myself what would take such a huge and millennial nation like China to treat this issue so frivolously, because the abortion is the most used contraceptive method here.
When asked if she took contraceptive pills, a chinese friend answered: “We don’t want to get fat, so if we get pregnant, it’s just go there and take it out!”. I must confessed that this answer got me stunned! That is, the reason why she won’t take pills that could avoid the whole process is mainly aesthetic!!!
One of the main motives for the abortion to be treated this way is the lack and of adequate information about the contraceptive methods, and still lacking sexual information provided to young people: a research made by the Shanghai’s Military Hospital pointed that less than 30% of the young girls who subjected themselves to abortions knew how to avoid pregnancy , and of this, only 17% had some information about venereal diseases;

Sex is not considered anymore a tabu among the young, but still is among the parents, the most is still afraid of talking about the issue with their sons (or “the” son), inheritance of the great repression lived by the chinese people until not long ago. The internet seems to be the young people’s great teacher, but that’s not always a guarantee of good learning. In school, teachers and parents think that, if they incite the discussion about it, they’ll end stimulating the early sex between them.
Besides, the lack of any kind of religiosity seems to be a huge factor for this spread practice.
In case a woman decides to abort, she is expected to do a “3 day reflection” before the act itself (just because of the recurrent world scandals, when it comes to this trivialized practice here in China, that looses the position of number one in abortions only for Russia- if it’s possible!).

The chinese Communist Party judges itself the owner of everything, including of the female uterus, and in a despotical attitude, established this “One-child policy”, that allows a couple to have only one child (preferably male and healthy, as said in the article 49 of the chinese constitution). If the couple wish to have the second child, they need to pay the government US$ 4 thousand dollars (a lot of money in China), besides having to pay for everything for this child, once that the government won’t provide anything. The chinese government’s profits with this “demographic tax” is about US$ 4 million per year. This abort policy of the government is counting on a troop of 520 thousand employees spread all over the country, divided in local nucleus.
An abortion room in a small country hospital in Sichuan. Sinopix/Rex

An abortion room in a small country hospital in Sichuan. Sinopix/Rex

In case the woman doesn’t have all this money to pay the to the government, and commits the crime of getting pregnant, she’ll be arrested, taken to the place where the abortion will be performed- generally on the final stages of pregnancy, your thumb will be pressed on the I AGREE space on the responsibility term, and then the murder of her son will be committed, with all the approval of the government. A lot of badly done abortions end in shelters full of defective children left by themselves (when they are lucky enough to be alive!), how could notice a friend of mine who visited one of this shelters. They’re all run by the government, and all its kids sold (the ones who are still babies cost half the price of a grown up!). They’re easily abandoned, for silly reasons, like having a leporine lip, or being born a woman. The good thing is that we still have people with love and altruism enough to adopt a child like these poor ones…

And this way I end this post, wishing that one day China may treat better this little lives that didn’t even had a chance and I share this wonderful phrase of Mother Theresa of Calcuta:
“How can we ask the people not to kill themselves in a war, if we agree that mothers kill their own children inside their bellies every day?”


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      First of all, thank you so much for reading it! Feel free to share it wherever you feel like….I really appreciate it! I like to write about the culture and people of the places I’m living in, but with a ” me” touch on it, that’s so much fun! Thanks a lot again for your time! Keep in touch! 😉

    • vanessamax says:

      J’ai maintenant vu que ton page est en français…j’aimerais beaucoup poster en français aussi, mais malheuresment j’ai pas beaucoup de temps pour ecrire en trois langues! Un jour, pêut être, quand ma petite soit un peu plus independent…merci de nouveau pour votre temps!

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