Wangfujing Market, the scariest one…

We’re at the point: the insects and similar night market of the Wangfujing Street, in Beijing! When we had the idea of going there, I evoked all the gods of the good will and adventurer’s spirit and supplied myself with all the excitement that was possible when talking of such a tour. Result: it really was a UNIQUE experience, that will last forever in my memory!
To reach this market, you can take the line 1-Wangfujing Station of the subway, and coming out of it , you’ll already notice what’s waitings for you: a horde waiting just like you for a dosis of bizarreness!
A little History: the Wangfujing Street (also known as the Gold Street) is one of the most modern and commercial streets in Beijing, just like the Champs-Elysées for Paris or 5th Avenue for New York. It combines tradition, culture and modernity, what makes of this street one of the most visited places in Beijing.
The insects night market is, of course, one of the most prominent attractions of this touristic point. When beginning your gastronomic tour, there’s no point on being all “disgusted”, because in the most of the stands, you’ll only find uneatable stuff- unless you’re that new flavors pioneers- thing that I am ’till a certain point…
The first shocking scene: sticks of still alive scorpions, only waiting for your payment to rest in peace inside the deep frying pan! The clerk was doing his job, trying to attract those just arrived: “Delicious!”
At the first steps, you can understand the magnitude of such a great alimentary prosperity, ’cause on each blink you can see all colors and sizes of scorpios, silkworms, starfishes, spiders, grasshoppers, snakes, bats, mini frogs, larvas, and I don’t know what else in sticks greatly jab at giant purple onions or almost spoiled cabbages, mixed into an omnipresent scent of hot-oil-used-for-more-than-a-month and unidentified chinese seasonings! There are also stands that sell chinese food, and for the ones who are not on the mood of weird food, there are fruit on the stick and coconut water stands too.
A unique and intriguing experience for sure-that makes you desperately want a Coke after walking out of it (I don’t know why, but only Coke has the power of removing the rank taste of uneated insects of my throat!). It’s totally worth the visit, at least once in your life! Going to Beijing and not visiting this place, it’s just like going Rome and not seeing the Pope!I strongly salute the ones who had the gutts to taste those sticks! And now, some pictures of this intriguing experience (the best shots are on the blog’s Instagram- follow and take a look!):

Those scorpions still alive..and a starfish!

Those scorpions still alive..and a starfish!




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