Curiosities (part 1 of a lot)

Logically, China and curiosity are glued together, are made from the same material, have the same essence, speak the same language…China, on its own, take us straight to this word, without scales!
So, let’s go directly to the point:
– Babies wear diapers, right? Not in here!!!They wear a kind of opened pants (yes, we can see their “belongings”!), in the front and back, to make the job easier when the time arrives…At the beginning, I thought it was lack of money, but here where we live the chinese are rich, and they use the same strange pants…And they do what they need to do wherever they are! No matter if the place is in the middle of the street, inside a store, BTW, public trash cans are the preferred places of the practical mommies!

Functionality on-the-go!

Functionality on-the-go!

– Burps, farts and spitting are absolutely normal! In some regions, if you don’t burp after a meal, it means that you didn’t appreciate it properly! So, don’t be disrespectful and always burp (imagine if it catches on!). Regarding the spitting, the traditional chinese medicine considers the saliva unhealthy for our body, so is our duty to put it out of us, with all our strength, in front of whoever it is, wherever it is…

– For those despaired bachelors, there is the option of the Black Date, where you write down your social condition, how much is your incoming, your profession, your car, and maybe therefore your name, and then, the couples choose each other!!!Very romantic and delicate, evoking the most sacred of all the sentiments! Always an alternative for those non-materialistic persons who want to find the lid of your pan (Le Creuset, of course!);
– Ok, the couples above decided to marry with all their souls: the groom has to pay the bride’s family an amount of approximately 40.000 RMB/US$6.600,00 (negotiable, but I’m not sure if you can share it in 10 installments on your platinum credit card!), that will be used to raise the family heir, who’ll stay with the grandparents while the parents work.
– Data: 1 in 5 persons in the world is chinese, 16 of the 20 cities in the world that most pollute are chinese (really? couldn’t imagine!), each year, during the Chinese New Year, more than 300 million persons travel around China to visit relatives- making of this the biggest migratory movement on Earth!!!And increase a lot the selling of adult diapers (or did you think that going to the toilet would be easy?), and I’M NOT KIDDING!!!
Over crowded train stations: a very good period to travel #not

Over crowded train stations: a very good period to travel #not

– Speaking on Chinese New Year, there are two delicacies that are always present on the most fortunate tables: boiled spoiled eggs and swallow’s nest soup #howdelicious
-China Walls are the only human monument that one can see from the space, with its astonishing more than 9 thousand km!!!
– Three in ten families have at least one of the grandparents living in together, because they have lots of wisdom to spread! (always remember of all the wisdom your mother-in-law has to spread over you!!!!!)
– Death penalty? Here is the place!! China is the place that most executes its prisoners, an average of 5 per day (a hugely bigger number than all the other 63 countries that apply the death penalty TOGETHER!). The offender doesn’t have even the right to defed himself: his lawyer is only called a few days before, and his only duty is to write a clemency letter- previously denied. Detail: the bullet is charged of the family! And simple crimes, such as consuming pornography, can lead one to death penalty! And his relatives can be locked in jail too, so they make sure that the creature will turn in! (good idea for some countries, such as Brazil!);
– There are 18 million more man than women- there is an enormous preference for “male” kids (supported by the legalized abortion practices- even in the end of pregnancy!- and reminiscences of the recently ended single son law), what takes us to the estimation that, by 2020, more than 30 million of chinese man will be single!! (you can always come to China to double check, in case you’re still single…maybe you’re lucky;)


If I’d write everything that is curious about here, I’d be seating for a week, so…see you on the next post! I have divided this “Curiosities” to make my friend’s life easier, I know they’re not soo in the mood to read my blog, but they do it anyway…Thanks for that! ;o


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