…the food!!!!

Ok, the food is a very interesting chapter here in China; and you can imagine why…right? Before coming here,chinese food for me was all about yakisobas, chop sueys and similars. I never got really into the issue…But I have to confess:that was my bigger apprehension (maybe because of my 11 months baby), and still is! Because its’s closely related to another difficulty- the language, already exposed HERE.

Fruits forever????

Fruits forever????

How to order a plate of which you don’t have the faintest idea what the main ingredients are? And, if you do know what are they, but are too spicy (like everything in chinese food)? How to say “no pepper”? And what if the meat is not exactly the kind you eat? What’s this vegetable? And this mushroom, is it the “enchanted” type? And NOW WHAT????????
Something unknown at Mc Donald's

Something unknown at Mc Donald’s

There are many worldwide known fast food chains- Mc Donald’s( and its wonderful sundae with a delicious topping of…green beans!!!), Pizza Hut(that has a very chinese menu), KFC (they love fried chicken, BTW they love fried everything), Burger King..that’s when you think: “Ok, I’m guaranteed!”. Right? Noooooo!!!!
Who can have these foods everyday? Well, me and my family certainly not. What to do then? To prioritize green stuff, bread and biscuits? That’s what I tried to do at the very beginning, when I had appetite for nothing and suspected from everyone and everything, when it came to food…It is a good tactics, indeed, but’s not all. What to eat then?
Always better to cook at home!

Always better to cook at home!

Cherry-tomates here are fruits (yeah, I know that actually they are fruits, but we don’t usually eat them like ones). It was, by the way, on the top of my birthday cake!!!!! Made of… fruits!!!!!!
I present you my very own cherry tomato topping birthday cake!!! Don't be jealous...

I present you my very own cherry tomato topping birthday cake!!! Don’t be jealous…

But drinking stuff, like juices, teas (delicious, I intend to show in the future the correct chinese way to prepare them) and coffee, in general are good. There are good bakeries and coffee stores all over (including Starbucks).
Wanna try?

Wanna try?

In typical chinese food (cantonese food) places, there is plenty of food. But the problem is always knowing what’s on the plate, EXACTLY. There is this cantonese citation that says: “Whatever animal that can turn its face to the sun can be eaten.” I prefer not to comment this statement! There are people who like it: good for you, you’ll love the diversity of the chinese food!!!
I played the leading role in a lots of “running with obstacles” episodes to the bathroom (I, on a bad luck wave, was always away from home…), all due to this amazing diversity!
Their seasonings are always very spicy ones, and there is this flavour everywhere (that later generates this wonderful smell in everyone that gets closer to you wherever you go!), taht I’m not abel to identify its components: maybe cumin, lots of sesame oil, and some more unidentified items. Soy sauce is a onipresent (as fried stuff), and the salt is generally that monosodium glutamate- that needs a biger quantity to rally salt (and a still bigger quantity of water to drain the thirst it generates!). The breakfast looks like a lunch, on the best “yesterday food” style, accompanied by tea (of course! what did you think????).
There are also the dumplings, but take care about the filling…
And finally the delicacies: sea cucumber, chicken’s feet, pork testicles (these are sold regularly, like everyday appetizers), Beijing’s duck (typical plate), black chicken, mini dried shrimps, frog, shark’s fin, lizard, cow’s paw, and much more. Is your mouth watering yet? Come on, don’t lie!!!
A very interesting promenade is certainly be the visit to the Wangfujing Market by night, that show delicious delicacies, such as grilled sea horse, scorpions, silkworm, snakes, and viscus in general… but this is gonna be the Grand Finale of the food series!
A very common situation here is someone to carry its own food inside a plastic bag, like half a kilo of some vegetable. Unused, right? But just don’t akk me how can they eat directly from the plastic bag…BTW, a very accurate tip is: ALWAYS bring a set of fork and knife with you! The traditional chopsticks and a white spoon are the national cutlery set.
There are many options for every taste!

There are many options for every taste!

The ocidental restaurants are in general good, and offer italian, german, thai specialties, and these are always a good option to get out of the erveryday food. At last, the chinese food can be called everything but monotonous! The moderation formula passes miles away from here, but offers the visitors a full and very interesting table, only waiting for a pioneer to brake it!!! Bon Appétit a tous!!!!
Even the watermelon...monotonous? No way!!!

Even the watermelon…monotonous? No way!!!

Always prefer known origin water...

Always prefer known origin water…


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